What are Union Printing Companies?

Union Printing Companies

Before we can define what parameters separate union and non-union printing companies,
we should first define unions. Unions are organizations of workers who unite to achieve common goals for workers.

For example, trade unions usually settle standards for work hours, compensation and health risks. newspaperUnions are very important for most sections of the work force and are usually a debated topic when discussing the usage of capitalism in America.

When a printing store is labeled as ‘union’, they offer the Allied Printing Trades Council label known as the ‘bug.’ It is a stamp of approval when a customer orders from a printing press. It means that the shop bares all the characteristics of a printers union. Fair wages, safe environments and manageable work hours.

Demand for Union Printing

Due to competitive prices and venture capitalism, most union printing shops have either been assimilated into main chains or have plainly gone out of business. Offset-Printing-Services-San-Franciso-CASome of the best efforts that a customer can make would be to search for unionized printing services. This would allow the customer to feed back into the local economy as well as receive the services they desire and possibly at a higher quality.


In general, San Francisco is very favorable to unions. Most of the trade shops in San Francisco, as well as the ones that tend to survive in the city, are union. The website for organized labor proudly lists apprenticeship programs for trades.

San Francisco Printing Services

There are many printing services to choose from in San Francisco as well as America. Luckily, at Cornerstone printing, we are a printer broker and offer the services of many through us. We broker to a large selection of printing companies, most of which are union. If you would like to get in contact with one of these presses individually or simply speak to assess prices you can contact us at (415) 983-2180.