Top 5 Campaign Signs for your Election

Campaign signs are the best way to convey your message quickly and embed your name in the minds of potential voters. They are an excellent way to raise money and awareness. A campaign without a slogan or sign is dead in the water. Luckily Cornerstone Printing is here to give you the rundown on the vital campaign signs that you need to succeed in the election!

The Top 5 Campaign Signscampaign signs

Yard Signs – The most common form of campaign signs are yard signs. These are invaluable to any campaign and provide immediate impact. With a multitude of options, there is a right choice for any budget.

Field Signs – Field Signs take your message to a larger audience easily catching a passerby’s eye. Choose the right location for maximum impact.

Banners – The versatile sign. Vinyl banners are durable, easy to hang and best of all mobile. Hang it from a business, on the roadside to show candidate support or at campaign rallies. Banners can easily pack up for multiple purposes.

Car Magnets – With the use of car magnets, any vehicle can be a campaign vehicle. Depending on the size of the magnet and the vehicle you could have the equivalent of a mobile banner ad! Most American commuters spend an average of 40 hours in traffic annually. That is prime time advertising for most campaigns and budget friendly!

Stickers – Stickers are efficient, easy to manufacture, and eye-catching. Use them at a campaign rally or distribute at political events. S cost effective solution to spread your political message.campaign signs

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