Offset Printing

Offset Printing Services San Francisco CAAt Cornerstone Printing, offset printing is a service that we love to offer to our clients. But what exactly is offset printing? Offset printing, also known as offset lithography, is a way of mass-producing printing where images on metal plates are transferred (where the word “offset” comes from) to rollers or rubber blankets and then onto the print media. The print media never comes in contact with the plates which adds to the longevity of the plates. The flexible rubber can conform to the surface of the print media, which allows the process to be used on different surfaces of paper.

Why do people choose offset printing over other printing services?

The advantage is that you can get high and consistent image quality every time. This process can be used for many different projects from small, medium, or high volume jobs. Two different types of offset printing processes are most common, sheet-fed and web.

Sheet-Fed Printing

Sheet-fed printing uses sheets of paper that are fed into a press individually. With sheet-fed printing typically one side is printed at a time, requiring a second pass through the press to print the backside. Sheets are neatly stacked at the end of the press ready to be trimmed, folded, diecut or whichever bindery function is required.

Web Printing

With web printing, higher-speed, larger machines are used. These presses are fed with continuous rolls of paper with the individual pages separated and trimmed afterward. When printing medium and small-sized fixed jobs like limited edition books, sheet-fed printing is more popular. It is a lot more cost-effective to use web offset printing for high-volume publications with content that often changes like a metropolitan newspaper.

Our capabilities range from small, single-color envelope presses to large, heatset full webs that can reproduce millions of pieces in a single day. Offset is the most commonly used method in the printing world and, compared to other processes, offers quality, speed and
flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Offset Printing services include:

  • Company collateral and identity packages
  • Statement inserts
  • Short-run, high-quality sales brochures
  • Handouts
  • Direct mail brochures and postcards
  • Trade show materials
  • Converted envelope imprinting
  • Posters and limited edition prints