Offset Printing Services

Learn More About Offset Printing Services

Offset Printing is the most common form of print in the industry and is used on much of the products you see everyday. Its process includes imprinting images on metal plates that are then transferred (or “offset” as it’s called) to rubber blankets or sometimes rollers. The image is then transferred from the blanket to the sheet of paper. The interesting thing about offset printing is that the paper never touches the actual metal plates.

Offset printing is used for many different varieties of items such as:

  • Business cards
  • Catalogs
  • Marketing material
  • Business forms
  • Letterhead
  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • Brochures

It is used for so many things because it provides an affordable option for individuals and businesses alike that are in need of any print services. In additions to its price, it also provides some of the highest and consistent image quality in the industry. Offset can be used for all types of run sizes from small to high volume jobs. Offset printing only uses real inks, not toners. And while digital printing has made great strides in recent years, offset print still delivers a superior visual product.

There are two types of offset printing services.
• Sheet-fed: sheets of paper are fed into the machine and printed individually. Most sheet-fed presses print one side at a time, requiring a second pass through the press to print the back of the sheet. These sheets of paper are collected at the end of the press and stacked neatly ready for bindery. Sheet-fed presses are good for small to medium size runs and typically provided the highest quality product.
• Web offset: these machines are larger and faster than sheet-fed presses. Large continuous rolls of papers are inserted and feed through the press. Unlike sheet-fed presses, web presses print both sides of the paper on a singular pass. After printing, the roll is either rewound on a spool, trimmed into sheets, or folded into signatures. This allows for greater run speeds providing a more economical option for large runs. But this can also result in a slight drop in quality. This is a most cost effective method for high volume print runs and publications like magazines and newspapers.

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