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Digital Printing & Infographics

digital printing cornerstone printingCornerstone Printing understands the value and importance of digital printing, especially the power of infographics. Infographics can transform concepts that are complex, dense and eye-glaze worthy into beautiful graphics that are easy to read and understand. When it comes to flyers, brochures and other forms of media to provide information, using infographics might be the option you want to consider to clearly communicate your product or business.


Infographics are a flexible way to send information, but it is a good idea to think about how you want to begin your strategy. What is the message you are trying to inform your audience? Is it a product? Are the offers that you want your audience to use to drive traffic? When you are ready to draft your ideas, figure out ways to tease and make it more appealing to your audience. Think of the words that will trigger visual images or evoke strong positive emotion in your audience’s head. You want reactions that will reel your audience, not distance them.infographics cornerstone printing

After completing your first draft of your infographics, remember to include a call to action. If you aren’t familiar, a call to action is an instruction to your customers, clients or audience, rousing an immediate response from them. It’s an instruction that makes your audience sees and follow when it comes to your business or organization. Good examples of call to actions include, “call us today” or “call now,” “find out more”, and “visit/come to our store.”

A call to action, especially in digital printing, does not have to be a demand such as the examples listed above. It can be a subtle request that prompts your audience to do as you ask. An example of this would be simple requests such as “choose a color” or “watch this video”, “share”.

Recent modern calls of actions use smart techniques to elicit responses from their audience. For examples, it might be a good idea to have a series of smaller call to actions that create a pattern of behavior from your audience. In that way, your audience is more likely to follow through with the hard call of action.

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Our digital printers are state of the art, generating vibrant color as well as crisp black and white contrast. Digital Printing is also more affordable for smaller runs and comes with the option of no minimum. You can print exactly how much you need. It is an excellent choice for personalized printing needs, small print runs and is cost-effective.
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