Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead

With the boom of internet marketing companies, it’s no surprise that you have tons of blogs declaring direct mail marketing as dead. Well, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like vinyl and notebooks, direct mail marketing is having a resurgence in response to the consumer awareness of internet marketing.

While there has been a dip in sales for many companies regarding direct mail marketing, countless corporations have recognized the strength of these tactics. To prove this, we are going to weigh the weakness of online marketing and the strength of direct mail marketing to showcase these strengths.

Online Marketing Has Faults

Online marketing is great; there’s no mistaking that. Countless companies exist solely because it works so well. But when it comes to the benefits that direct mail marketing can provide, online marketing has its faults.

Banner Blindness – There is a phenomenon known as banner blindness. When people are on websites often, they adapt to the structure of web pages. When people see banners on the top, sides or middle of the pages, they turn off. This is banner blindness; The unconscious instinct to completely ignore the flashing and jarring changes in font, color, and content.

Mail Marketing Ad Blocker – Most people with Google Chrome have Ad Blocker. This is a vital tool for most people on the internet who don’t want to interact with ads. Ad blocker can do three things well:

• Prevent Pop-Up ads

• Prevent ‘Before Video’ Ads

• Filter out Ads within the text of a site

Ad Desensitivity – This phenomenon doesn’t apply specifically to online marketing. Forbes recently covered a study by eMarketer showing most ‘millenials’ filter ads in their heads. Most ‘millenials’ completely ignore ads when they come up on pages or the T.V. This has resulted in many marketing companies pivoting by making shorter, more attention-grabbing ads.

Direct Mail Marketing Guarantees Attention

While Direct Mail certainly has its junk mail factor to account for; it doesn’t change the fact that people pay attention to mail differently. This is due to two reasons that most online marketing companies simply cannot achieve: Personalization and tangibility.

Direct mailPersonalization – Direct Mail Marketing is personal. Often it is labeled to the person directly and if not it is still sent directly to their door. It’s part of every person’s ritual to check their mailbox and move through the mail to decide what stays and what doesn’t. Contrary to online marketing, even if the mail is junk, it actively engages the person. They have to read the contents and then most of the time they have to open it.

Tangibility – They have to open it because it is a physical object. While banner blindness and desensitivity are unconscious decisions of the brain, you have to inspect mail to determine it’s validity physically. This is something that will never be beaten when it comes to direct mail.

Cornerstone Printing, Inc.

By being tangible, personal, and direct, mail marketing will always have a place in the advertisement world. If you want to engage your customers actively and you want them to interact with you besides inactively clicking a button, then you need direct mail marketing. We put your name and business in their hands and their heads. Cornerstone Printing has been operating as a print broker and offering direct mailing services for the past decade. In this time, we have seen countless businesses thrive and benefit from this initiative. If you would like to know more about our services or the process of direct mail marketing, feel free to contact us today!