Choosing Political Yard Signs for your Election!

Political Campaign Signs

Political Signs

If you are running for public office, you must get your name out there. The current presidential race is evidence that popularity is just as important as prior experience. The best way for people to recognize your name on a ballot is if your name is on their mind. One of the best ways to get your name on their mind is through political yard signs.

President Obama spent $760 million dollars on his 2008 presidential campaign. Most of that money went to people having an idea and an image to stand behind. On every street was a poster of Obama with the words “Hope” or “Change we can believe in.” When it comes to your election, your political signs can help you gain an edge over your opponent.

Political Yard Signs

Political Yard Sign

Political Yard Signs are arguably the best financial move for your campaign. Proper placement of your signs has the potential to impact thousands of would be voters. People who openly support a candidate directly links to more people supporting that candidate themselves.

The most efficient way of creating a great political lawn sign is to complement colors. Having a color scheme that is eye-catching and synergistic will raise awareness for your campaign. While most people aim for the patriotic “red, white and blue” we have found that it becomes tiresome. People tend to glaze their eyes over when they see a patriotic sign. A catchy logo and varied patriotic colors are the best design signs. Hillary has the patriotic colors entwined with her logo while Trump has the royal blue with a rich red border. They draw attention by being bold (Trump) and being clever (Hillary.)

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